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Hi and welcome to Atlas Discovery Ltd blogs.

My name is Diane and I am offering you a few insights into some of my own personal experiences, some tours I have done with fabulous Atlas guests plus lots of helpful tips and guidance when walking both abroad and in the UK.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!

Here at Atlas Discovery Tours we have had some amazing adventures over the last few years. We’ve visited some great countries for hiking including; the Rodopi Mountains of Northern Greece, the Lower Alps from Chamonix and Madeira with its Levada trails and ancient forests.

We’ve enjoyed cultural tours enjoying the life of the locals in Malta, Croatia and St Malo, France. Lots of sights to see, history to learn and of course tasting of the traditional food and wine.

We’ve walked as Pilgrims; along a variety of Camino Ways, all leading to the cathedral of Santiago de Compestela where it is believed lie the ashes of St James the Apostle.

And our Classic Walks have covered some of the UK Great Trails including St Cuthbert’s Way taking us from Melrose in Scotland across countryside and coastal paths to Lindisfarne.

And more recently , prior to the COV-19 crisis we introduced day walks in the UK alongside our new agenda for more UK Challenging Tours.

Our final tour in Malaga at Christmas was a joyous occasion with a wonderful group of us enjoying a celebration together in the sunshine; who would have thought that by March this year things would change so dramatically.

At that point I was on a mountain high and so was the business; Atlas Discovery Tours, having built up from a small hobby business now we were a true business, offering great tours and with so many new adventures ahead for 2020. Then came the COVID-19 virus taking away so much of our freedom, as lovers of the outdoors and travellers. Sadly for many, taking away their family and friends.

It is a very difficult time for us all and as the owner of a travel company just beginning to grow, it has been a very challenging time. Thanks to all of you who have been understanding as it has been my policy throughout to support all my Accommodation providers, guides, luggage transfer companies and other service providers by postponing tours. I believe the way forward is to all take care of each other so when we reach the other side; there will be these people still there and their businesses still running and we can get back to using them.

We don’t know when we will be able to travel in the UK, never mind abroad again so I am adjusting the tour agenda  to try to ensure we do get some tours for you this year. I am going to put some tours on in the UK during the summer and it is my hope that we are free to enjoy them. Please do not see this as offensive, I feel I have a duty to offer hope and these tours are my way of doing just that.

All the tours that we have been or will be unable to go on due to the COVID-19 crisis, I will be postponing and trying to run at a similar time in 2021. By postponing the tours and negotiating with the service providers, we maintain the same price which will be vital for future tours as many other Companies will be forced to increase them.

There will be an updated tour agenda on line with a more flexible booking approach. Most tour companies are aiming to provide this to both encourage guests to book and also support the travel industry through this difficult time. Please note all Terms and Conditions when you book for that tour.

I think for a long while, booking tours and holidays will require a gradual step of trust as we have all been so shocked by how this virus has so quickly affected our travelling life. Flights may be more expensive, so we may have to take risks to book as soon as possible. Likewise with accommodation as once we are free again; demand will rise as will price.

I was already moving forward within the Atlas Discovery Business Plan to add more UK Tours and to consider a variety of alternative transport for environmental reasons so therefore I will have to take risks and be more adventurous to move this further forward.

But hey we are all adventurers and we are used to taking risks.

So let’s be hopeful we can soon get out there again soon and let’s all be Brave, Be Bold and Be You


Diane Carter

Tour Organiser and Director

The Atlas Discovery

The Camino Portuguese Coastal Way

Burning Feet on the Portuguese Coastal Camino Way 2018

Upon reflection when I decided to do this Camino pilgrimage I didn’t really consider it, assess it, check the mileage on a serious basis and certainly had no concerns with the terrain. Upon reflection, if I had I would certainly have felt unable to take on such a challenge and miss out on the feeling of such a success whilst also enjoying the most wonderful experiences along the ‘Way’. This was an Atlas Recce Tour in 2018 and of course, not knowing what really was ahead..’Oh it would be easy’.

It was a walk of sheer beauty with the Atlantic Coastline to the left and in the distance the green mountains calling to be climbed. Historical churches and old crumbling monuments lined the winding country paths through tranquil villages in contrast to the modern statues and metal bridges in the cosmopolitan towns. Small back garden vineyards with the hard hand picking workers handing us a delicious bunch of fresh grapes and even more delightful a bottle of local wine with our meal well-earned at the end of a long day; a true taste of the area we visited. Divine, delicious and daring are the words I would use to sum up the whole journey.

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Blogs - Blog to Santiago

The Camino Way from Sarria to Santiago

My First Camino October 2015

The Camino Way what was that? “Why don’t you walk the Camino Way” my friend a time in my life when I wanted to decide which way in my life I wanted to go and so off I went; following yellow arrows and Camino shells and hey somehow I found myself here..offering Atlas Tours. Want to know more and how the Camino can change your life and lead you to doing something amazing or simply clear your head to make better decisions………

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What a Fabulous Place to be for Christmas Instead of in Front of the Television!

Never be alone at Christmas come on a Fabulous Atlas Discovery Escape

Christmas, I know can be a tremendously lonely time for many people often under the belief that everyone else is with family or friends having a wonderful time. Believe me I have been there and thought it would be a great idea to do an ‘Escape from the Commercialism of Christmas Tour’. Of course it’s nice to have some celebration for whatever reason but as I am sure many of you agree it has gone over the top!!!

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Eating Portuguese Tarts in Lisbon

Lisbon offers a taste of the relaxed culture of the Portuguese old town lifestyle.  You can wander in the quaint, pretty streets, hitch an old style tram or simply take the steep steps to the church with a fabulous view…hopefully the bells will drown out the street musician who played last time we visited in 2017. Known as Nata by the locals the Portuguese delicious custard tarts are listed as one of the top five things you must not miss in Lisbon. Therefore of course we started our Christmas Escape 2017 Tour with a competition ‘Who could eat the most tarts during our visit there’.

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