Follow the yellow arrows along the infamous Camino Way taking in the picturesque, traditional villages along the route to Santiago de Compostela. Here it is believed St James the Apostle's ashes are in the holy cathedral. 

Some take this walk as a religious or spiritual piligrimage, walking all or part of the journey, whilst many simply enjoy the space and time to breathe, away from their busy lives to make decisions, clear their mind or just meet fellow 'pilgrims' from all over the world.


The Atlas Discovery Camino Tours offers a selective program throughout consisting of:-



All airport collections and transfers  
Accommodation throughout your holiday as you move along the route
Luggage Transfers
Professional English speaking Guides to enhance your journey*
Delicious, nutritious and traditional meals throughout your stay
Pilgrim passports and Camino shells

Our Camino holidays are truly special as we walk through quaint villages taking in the local lifestyle. We offer two routes to include the French Way from Sarria to Santiago and the Portuguese Coastal Monastic Route. There is varied terrain underfoot and the walking stamina and distance is built up over the course of the tour.  

We enjoy walking along the Camino carrying our light backpacks whilst our luggage is moved along each day to the next hotel or pension. The Camino is not an endurance test with Atlas Tours but the walking takes fitness and never undermine the 'sacrifice' we make to get up early, head off on the beautiful routes and simply keep going when it does get tough. We always support each other on the 'uphill paths'!


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