Exceed your boundaries, reach new heights and push your limits. Your determination is our destination.

These challenge tours are aimed at those of you are into adventure and exploration. If you love to keep fit our challenges are perfect as they will test your strength and determination. Goal Setters? You will feel a true sense of achievement whilst you are enjoying building up your stamina on a daily basis. The walks start at medium stamina but will build up to high stamina*. Terrain underfoot will vary and see the information for each walking tour. There are usually mountains walks but not climbing and may be occasional level 1 guided scrambling

The walks however offer breaks for refreshments, photos & rest, with an average distance of 16 – 30 kilometres. The highest point is on average 2,600 metres. All walks are optional so if you want a rest or time to view the local area then enjoy

The dates for these tours are all tbc but will take place in 2022 as we have a very busy tour schedule in the UK now until September 2021. So please if you are interested contact me and I will ensure you are kept up to date

NOTE: Your safety is paramount and all our Guides are professional, experienced and mostly local to enhance your walking experience.

BulgariaThe Beauty & the Beast of Bulgaria

Postponed: Awaiting New June Date 2022

Walking with our lovely guide; Nel we hike through Somalyan, a secret and remote corner of Bulgaria boasting an amazing and unspoilt natural and cultural heritage with stunning mountain landscapes, deep gorges, spectacular caves, ancient forests and flowering meadows. Lovers of nature will be amazed at the exceptional flora rich in orchids and endemic species; outstanding fauna, including brown bear, wolf, Balkan chamois. Plus rare and elusive birds and an exceptional variety of butterflies. We’ll be walking through picturesque mountain villages taking in the cultural lifestyle and enjoying unique local cuisine such as banista, sujuk and gyuvech. Of course at the end of the day some rakia to chill out.


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The Mystical Mountains of Madeira Challenge walking holiday

Madeira 1 – 8 July 2022

Led by Carlos our local fun and adventurous guide we explore the trails through ancient forests, hike the monstrous mountains and walk along the infamous levadas. Highlights are the Valley of the Nuns, the Walk of the 25 Fountains and the Devil’s Tail.


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Chamonix; Sensational Hiking in 3 Nations

New Date: May 2022 tbc

To trek in the Mont Blanc area is the goal of every ambitious hiker and nature lover. Surrounded by the highest peaks of Europe; Chamonix and its surroundings offer a great variety of wonderful hikes. Led by our Swiss guide; Raphael we’ll enjoy hiking through the three nations of France, Italy and Switzerland viewing white snow on the distant Mountains and an array of nature including wild flowers, roaming animals and birds of prey. Even a spotting of a few marmots.


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