St Cuthbert’s Way  The Beginning

2nd – 7th July 2019

Pilgrimage Guided/Hosted Walk plus B & B

Only £449*

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I’m very excited to be introducing into my tour agenda, some great UK walks, especially pilgrimages.  Some people walk a pilgrimage route for spiritual reasons, some for the history and culture behind the walk, some for the people they meet and make friends with along the way and some just purely for the clean and clear space they offer to clear your mind and escape. Whatever your reason, why not join me on the first of what I hope is many UK Pilgrimages.

St Cuthbert's Way is an inspiring 100-kilometre (62 miles) trail between the Scottish Borders town of Melrose and Lindisfarne (Holy Island) off the coast of Northuberland, England.  The walk is named after Cuthbert, a 7th-century saint and a native of the Borders who spent his life in the service of the church. The route links Melrose Abbey, where Cuthbert began his religious life in 650 AD, with his burial place on Holy Island.  

The St Cuthbert’s Way is far more than a pilgrimage route and a few thousand take it each year for its natural beauty, every changing scenery and spectacular views. Plus the truly memorable finish; taking the sand walk to the Holy Island at the end of the tour.

This walk is interesting, varied and links with the Southern Upland Way, the Sir Walter Scott Way, the Borders Abbey Way and the Roman Heritage Way at Melrose, the Pennine Way at Yirk Yetholm and the St Oswald's Way at Lindisfarne all of which I hope to offer you over the next few years. Start walking these Ways by booking today. Thanks Diane*

The St Cuthbert’s Way Tour offers:

  • Good quality accommodation in hotels, guest houses or country pubs*
  • A great hearty breakfast to start the day
  • Luggage transfer
  • Free parking in Melrose and return transport at the end of the tour
  • Taxis required on the route for return to the hotel
  • Plus of course I will be there as your guide in the day and host in the evening

Day 1 Arrival at Melrose where we enjoy overnight stay in this historical town in the valley of the Tweeds on the Scottish border.  The ruined Melrose Abbey dates from 1136 and a casket was discovered, believed to contain the heart of Robert the Bruce.  Arrive early for some sightseeing. Join together for a dinner with myself and to meet fellow walkers at 7 pm in the hotel reception.

Day 2  Melrose to Harestanes. 15 miles Setting off after a hearty breakfast we head to Harestones, leaving in plenty time to ensure we reach the Harestones Visitor Centre. This is a great walker’s attraction with a superb café, ice-cream parlour and information outlet.

Key Highlights of today include the Melrose Abbey, the suspension bridge over the Tweed, the Eidon HIls, walking along the bank of the Tweed, Maxton Church, Waterloo Monument and of course the Harestanes Visitor Centre. After our refreshments at Harestones, transport is provided to Jedburgh where we stay overnight and return in the morning to Harestones.

4th July Day 3  Harestanes to Kirk Yetholm 17.5 miles Starting the day with a lovely river walk and crossing the ‘wooden wibbly wobbly bridge’ as previous walkers have labelled it, the walks starts to get a little hilly. Don’t worry we’ll pace it nicely and enjoy regular breaks.  We’ll visit Morebattle where we get a free half in the Templehall pub. Don’t drink more than a half unless its water as we have a long but really good climb over Wideopen Hill, which of course offers great scenic views. Then we head down to Kirk Yetholm

Key Highlights of today include the wooden suspension bridge over the Teviot, Teviot bank walk, Reivers castle, Wideopen hill. Plus in the evening we all join to visit the North Border hotel which is at the end of the Pennine way.

5th July Friday Day 4  Kirk Yetholm over the Cheviots to Wooler 12 Miles. Less mileage today but some tough ascents. The Cheviot Hills are a range of rolling hills straddling the Anglo-Scottish between Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. Today we cross the border into England with its rugged moorland and great views onto Wooler Common.

Key Highlights of today include crossing over the Cheviots and on a clear day you can sometimes view the Lake District. Plus this tour is arranged to arrive on a Friday night in Wooler which is great for local live music.

6th July Day 5 Wooler to Fenwick 11.5 miles. Today we set off onto the Westwood Moors enjoying a variety of historical sights along the route including St Mary’s Church in Wooler, Westwood Bridge and Cuddy’s Cave. We walk along the Roman road known as the ‘Devil’s Causeway’ and then walk across the Hetton Burn and on to St Cuthbert's Cave Wood, which is in the care of the National Trust. We then head on to Fenwick where we start to see the sea and Holy Island.

Key Highlights of today include walking on the Win Sill, the volcanic intrusion which runs across England and visiting St Cuthbert’s Cave. Transport is then provided to Lowick for overnight stay prior to returning to Fenwick in the morning.

7th July Day 6 Fenwick to the Holy Island. (4 miles to start plus 1 ½ hours to island via the sand route).  We walk to Lindisfarne and then on to the island. Safety is paramount so you must walk with our guide and wait for the correct tide. The end of the St Cuthbert’s Way is at Lindisfarne Priory. We return to Lindisfarne where transport will take you back to Melrose.

Included in cost of tour

  • All hotels including bed and breakfast (twin room)*
  • Taxis
  • Luggage transfer
  • Guided walks
  • Return transport from Lindisfarne to Melrose

Not Included

  • Transport to and from the tour start at Melrose
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Taxis if you require transport to the next hotel instead of walking the whole distance
  • Travel Insurance
  • *Single room supp £35 per night


Thanks and I hope that inspires you to join our first tour. Be the first and enjoy 10% Discount off our next UK Pilgrimage booked in 2019. Thanks Diane



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