Hi and thanks for your interest in the Atlas Tours.

I am sure at this stage you have lots of questions to ask in relation to stamina, kit required, fitness levels, type of accommodation and so much more. Many people simply want to know "Am I fit enough"? Believe in yourself and get yourself ready!

Also for lots of guests this is their first time on holiday alone; maybe their friends want to do other things, they may have sadly lost a partner, broken up from a relationship or simply want to do something different! That's why the tours are escorted and hosted so you never need to be alone and most of the time the group love to spend time together, but you can always enjoy your own space.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.. Simply email me direct on dianecarter@theatlas-discovery.com as I am always happy to help.  Want me to call you?  Please put a suggested time and date on form below. Thanks

I appreciate you have worked hard for your holiday and want to make sure you get the best tour to suit you. If we don't offer what you are looking for please ask as we do provide' tailored to suit tours' for individuals and groups. Many of my guests are members of the Rambing Association, Long Distance Walkers Association and U3A therefore they can offer a recommendation I'm sure.

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If you prefer me not to call you then just mention it in the message box and I will answer purely by email.

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Be Brave and Come and Join us on an Atlas Holiday for Some Great Fun with Like Minded Folk

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