Hi, here at The Atlas Discovery Holiday we recognise you will have lots of questions about your tour and we are happy to help. We have listed the top ten questions  asked, but if what you want to know is not listed please visit our contact us page.

1.    Safety and Security
All our Guides are highly professional and experienced. Regarding your  money and valuables always keep  close to you and we suggest the use of hotel safes. Sadly there are thefts wherever you go especially in cities so always be diligent for pickpockets. Lock up your cases and keep your bags close. Just be careful as you would at home. Be diligent when using your mobile phone and cameras. Always be aware of airport security rules that may change dependent upon the country you visit.

2.     Visa? Passport Requirements.
Currently you do not require a visa on any of our tours.

Passport validity. Your passport should be valid for six months from the onset of your holiday.

3.     Will I feel comfortable as a first time or solo traveller?
Yes our Atlas Holidays are perfect for you as we encourage a community environment throughout the tour. Meals are served together and natural friendships are formed. Want to be alone? You can enjoy your own space as much as you like too, whether during or after the walks/tours.

4.    What happens if I have an accident or get sick?
All our Guides are professionally trained and qualified. We have contact with local emergency services. We also take medical and contact details of next of kin from you when you book. It is highly recommended that if you do get ill you visit a local doctor for your health and travel insurance purposes. Currently we request you carry your blue medical EU Card.

5.    Travel Insurance – What cover do I need?
Always check you have sufficient travel insurance and call your agency if in doubt. The insurance will vary dependent upon your choice of tour. We will ask for your insurance details upon your time of booking and have your details to hand. Any questions please contact us.

6.    What if I Get Lost?
We are with you throughout the tour and all our Guides know every single path, trek and alleyway. However if you wish to go somewhere alone please tell one of our Team who will advise you about the area and use a map. We will give you our contact details also but sometimes the UK mobile phone provider does not work alongside other countries.  You can ask for guidance or use a taxi – both will charge you and check cost prior to going ahead. Don’t follow anyone down a dark alley or into a shop- act as you would in the UK and stay in well lit open areas.

7.    I just want to relax – do I have to do everything?
This depends on your holiday agenda as whilst some tours are hotel based in one or two areas; some rely on walking from village to village reaching a destination. So yes of course you can enjoy a rest but if you wish to do so on the latter we are able to assist with travel to the next destination but there will be a taxi charge. There is always free time but we have tried to offer a variety of tours and activities based on what our clients usually want and love.  If we do not offer something you were hoping to do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate or find someone locally who offers this activity. There is usually a free day at the end of the tour.

8    I have a medical condition/disability can I come on your tour?
We would love you all to come but we do ask you speak to your GP and/or specialist and you may need to get medical consent for your insurance. Also for vaccinations or any other health concerns speak to your GP.

9.  Does my age matter?
Strange this is a regularly asked question and does age matter in life anyway? A fifty year old can be super fit or have not done exercise for a long time. The same applies to a twenty year old. If you wish to do a particular tour and have any questions related to this just give us a call and again always check with your GP or specialist if you are taking medication or having treatment. It is vital you inform us of this.

10. Cancellation/Amendment/Payment Safety

A non refundable deposit is taken for all tours. It is vital you take out travel insurance at the onset of the tour. A receipt is always provided. Full payment is required sixty days prior to departure.  We offer a standard cancellation/amendment policy see terms and conditions

More questions? Please  email myself on dianecarter@theatlas-discovery.com or visit our contact us page.

Best Wishes  Diane