Your mobile phone is often a real treasure. You store photos on it of family, friends, holidays and cherished events. Not only may it contact all your personal numbers, but often business numbers with emails from clients on a regular basis. That is Data Protection so be extra careful.

So how come we treat it like an ‘accessory’? Leave it on show on the table whilst we have coffee, stuff it loosely in our bags or just forget where we left it. The phone can be your life.

I recently had my phone stolen on holiday through a nasty decoy trick.  It really upset me as there were some lovely messages on it and also lots of photos of my recent visit holiday with friends. Luckily I had downloaded most of them.  But the phone was a new Galaxy 4 and very expensive. It was so distressing so here are my top tips for taking your phone abroad:-

  1. Always insure it.  I thought travel insurance covered it but NO.  Check the deal and if not insure with the service provider, checking it covers you abroad. Some banks offer a ‘package’ as part of your account that covers your mobile phone so might be worth asking.

  2. Put a password on it

  3. If your phone brand offers it use a location app – Samsung offer ‘Find my Phone’. After all you may have dropped it or misplaced it.  Probably if stolen they will take out the sim card immediately

  4. Report as soon as possible even if it is difficult. Your insurance may need a police report plus someone might have handed it in. I had to more or less demand it but I got there.

  5. Always ring your service provider immediately to let them know.

  6. Take an old phone with you for emergencies. Everyone has an old ‘pay as you go’.

  7. Always do a backup of your numbers. Your phone is so important you do not realise until it is gone. Many people now have personal and business phones so try to leave business at home.

  8. Download your photos on a regular basis and using a drop box or your phone’s services

  9. Never give your phone to anyone to take a photo; sadly we forget that everyone can’t be trusted when on a relaxing holiday.

  10. Don’t put the phone in your pocket even with a zip. Keep it as close to your heart as possible

  11. Don’t put it in your back pack zipper which faces out to the world.

Hey let’s hope it doesn’t happen and I am sure it won’t.  Just play safe and have a fabulous holiday wherever you go.

Diane here at the Atlas Discovery Holiday Company