Hi Di here at Atlas Discovery and I'm writing this blog on a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning? I am feeling fabulous as having great memories of a few days ago swimming in the beautiful sea at Sidi Kaouki, Morocco. Not another soul on the beach- bliss!

I love to wander along this beach alone but sometimes being on your own can be tremendously painful and I know how this feels. Many times in my life loneliness has been a strong emotion for me; especially when I got divorced and more recent when my beautiful Son went to University. You may on this beautiful sunny Saturday morning be feeling a black cloud of loneliness over you and I want to encourage you to take a step and do as I did and go somewhere to meet new people. Whether joining a local club, taking to the gym, volunteering for a charity or enrolling in a night class – please take that one step. I took the step of booking a holiday where even though I knew I was going alone I was sure when I got there I would be with others as it was a 'community style' escorted tour. I was nervous but more concerned about another year without a holiday!




We have encaptured that experience for you with our Atlas Holidays and you can come alone but you will always be with fellow travellers,but have lots of time for yourself. if you like.  I'm here to be with you on all the tours to make sure you enjoy yourself. We all join together for dinnner after the walks but you are always free to do your own thing.  Guests love to walk and talk whilst on tours and many dear friendships are formed.

Don't be alone or miss out on a great opportunity to get away with the excuse you have no one to go with – we are here for you. Email me personally if any questions as I have been where you are now with the same fears or anxities. Diane, Atlas dianecarter@theatlas-discovery.com