Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions


Please read these booking conditions carefully, they form an important part of the contract for your holiday.

How to Book.

Simply choose your holiday and email us via the contact us page. Please fill in the provided booking form and we’ll contact you within 24 hours

The person making the booking (the ‘lead name’) must be 18 years old or over and possess the legal capacity and authority to make the booking and accepts these booking conditions on behalf of everyone in their party. You will need to pay a 20% deposit per person upon booking (Unless on a low deposit booking). A receipt will be provided.  At this stage we suggest you take out sufficient travel insurance suited to the tour in the light you are on adventure holiday. Ensure you have travel disruption cover.

Full balance is required less than 8 weeks or 60 days before departure for European Tours and 30 days for UK Tours. For bookings made 60 days prior to departure or less full payment is required. If you do not pay the balance by the due date your booking will be cancelled and you will forfeit your deposit. You will receive a confirmation receipt which is the contract. When you receive the confirmation receipt please check the details carefully and inform us immediately if anything is incorrect.

Prices & Surcharging

All prices we advertise are accurate at the date published, but we reserve the right to change any of those prices. Prices on our website are updated regularly. Before you make a booking we will give you the up-to-date price of your chosen holiday including the cost of any supplements. .

Tour Itineraries

Dates and itineraries shown for tours are usually set but they occasionally have to change due to  circumstances out of Atlas Company control.  We always aim to make everything as accurate as possible. On the tours the final decision of all walks is made by our professional guides for your safety and security.

Transfer to another Person

Where you are unable to travel you can transfer your booking to another person, subject to the following:

a) You must notify us in writing at least 60 days before departure

b) Your request is accompanied by all original travel documents which you have received and the full name and address of the new guest you are transferring the tour to

c) The new guest must fulfil any conditions that apply to the booking

d) Payment by you of a £100 administrative charge per person unable to travel plus all costs charged or levied by those supplying your travel arrangements.

Both parties will be jointly and severally liable for payment of the holiday price and other associated expenses.

You, or any member of your party, may cancel your tour at any time providing that the cancellation is made by the lead name in writing. Notice of cancellation will be effective upon receipt of your written communication. As we start to incur costs from the time the contract is confirmed we will retain your deposit and in addition will apply other cancellation charges as shown below:

Period before departure when
written cancellation is received
Amount of cancellation
charge as % of the tour price
Europe & UK Tours More than 90 days Loss of deposit and voucher offered subject to tour
Europe Tours 60 days or less No refund, loss of deposit and voucher subject to tour
UK Tours 30 days or less No refund, loss of deposit and voucher subject to tour

Please note that all tours are subject to a non-refundable 13.5% administration fee which is non transferrable or refundable under any circumstances. For any refunds and or vouchers this fee will be deducted. Thank you for your understanding.

All communications relating to this contract must be from the Lead name in written English and delivered via email to information@theatlas-discovery.com or posted to The Atlas Discovery Holiday Company Ltd, Sterling House, 32 St John Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. NG18 1QJ.

If we Change or Cancel your Booking.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking or change any of the facilities, services or prices described in our brochures or website. We will endeavour to advise you of any changes known at the time of booking.

We may also have to cancel your tour, for example operation of all bookings is dependent on a minimum number of persons booking the tour and if that number is not achieved, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. Compensation will not be payable if we are forced to cancel, or in any way change your tour for reasons of consolidation due to minimum numbers not being attained or force majeure.

In no circumstances will we cancel your tour less than 28 days before the scheduled departure date except for reasons of consolidation due to minimum numbers not being attained, force majeure (as defined below) or failure on your part to pay the final balance or for any other reason beyond our control. We strongly recommend that you make no travel arrangements to your point of departure, make any connecting travel that is non-refundable or non-changeable or incurs penalties or incur any costs in respect of visas or vaccinations until such time as your travel itinerary has been confirmed. If you make such arrangements which you are then unable to use due to a change in your itinerary we shall not be liable to you for the cost of those arrangements.

Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” include any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not even with all due care, foresee or forestall such as (by way of example and not by way of limitation) war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, actual or threatened terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, acts of God, adverse weather conditions, flood, epidemic or pandemic illness and all similar events.

Our Liability, Conditions of Carriage and Limitations.

Our obligations, and those of our suppliers providing any service or facility included in your holiday, are to take reasonable skill and care to arrange for the provision of such services and facilities. You must show that reasonable skill and care has not been used if you wish to make any claim. Standards of, for example, safety, hygiene and quality vary throughout the transport and destinations that your holiday may involve. Sometimes these standards will be lower than those which would be expected in the UK. The suppliers of the services and facilities included in your holiday should comply with local standards where they are provided but we do liaise with all our suppliers to encourage the high standards we do expect.

We shall have no liability where the cause of the failure to provide, or failure in, your holiday or any death or personal injury you may suffer is not due to any fault on our part or that of our agents or suppliers, because it is either attributable to you, or attributable to someone unconnected with your holiday and is unforeseeable or unavoidable, or is due to a force majeure event or unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised, or an event which neither we, nor our agents or suppliers could have foreseen or forestalled.

If you purchase any optional activities that are not part of your pre-booked itinerary, the contract for the provision of that activity will be between you and the activity provider. The decision to partake in any such activity is entirely at your own discretion and risk. If you do have any complaint about or problem with, any optional activity purchased in resort your claim should be directed to the activity provider and not to us.

We may operate trips in regions where standards of accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, medical facilities and other infrastructure may, at times, be lower than those you normally expect. Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realise the hazards involved in this kind of holiday, including injury, disease, loss or damage to property, inconvenience and discomfort. The whole philosophy of this type of travel is one that allows alternatives and a substantial degree of on-trip flexibility. The outline itineraries given for each holiday must therefore be taken as an indication of what each group should accomplish, and not as a contractual obligation on our part. Changes in itinerary maybe caused by local political conditions, mechanical breakdown, weather, border restrictions, sickness, or other unforeseeable circumstances.

Please note that the timings of our all our tours are as accurate as possible and also rely upon external situations such as the tour operators, guest promptness, weather, etc.


If you have a complaint about your arrangements whilst away, you must immediately notify myself; Diane Carter who will be with you or the Chief Guide. Please follow this up within 14 days of your return home by writing to us at The Atlas Discovery Holiday Company Ltd, Sterling House, 32 St John Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. NG18 1QJ giving your booking reference and all relevant information. We will acknowledge your written notification within 7 days and aim to provide a full response within 28 days.

Visa, Passport, Travel Documentation.

Whilst we are able to provide basic advice to clients regarding passports and visa requirements it is the sole responsibility of each individual that you should check with the appropriate Embassy, Consulate or British Foreign Office for the exact requirements for your chosen tour and date of travel. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct passport and visas to gain access to any country/region included in the travel arrangements which you purchase from us. If you fail to do so, we have no liability to you for any cost, loss or damage which you suffer, nor will we refund you the cost of any unused portion of your travel arrangements. In some cases, countries will refuse entry to clients who have criminal records. Should you be concerned about this, please check with the embassy or consulate of the countries to which you are travelling. The lead name is entirely responsible for ensuring that all members of the group have the correct and valid documentation for travel.

Health, Vaccinations

We are able to advise on mandatory health requirements; however, we are not medical experts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain proper and detailed medical advice. Where you do not do so and either are not allowed to enter any country, or suffer personal injury or death as a result, we have no liability to you for any cost, loss or damage which you suffer nor will we refund you the cost of any unused portion of your travel arrangements. Clients with existing medical problems, pregnant women and anyone who has recently visited other countries should check requirements with their general practitioner. Please also visit your GP to discuss relevant vaccinations for your destinations.

Please also consult your travel insurance agents/brokers regarding any health or vaccination issues.

When assessing whether tours will operate we use information from our local offices in conjunction with advice from the British Foreign Office and other relevant government bodies. It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with the travel advice provided by these government bodies.

A confidential booking form is required and it is vital that you inform us on any health issues and/or medication at the time of booking. It is essential that you also provide us with any changes prior to departure or on the tour.  A GP letter of consent may also be required for your own personal safety.

Privacy Policy.

The Atlas Discovery Holiday Company Limited’s Privacy Policy sets out what information we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it.

This refers to information such as your name, contact details, travel preferences and special needs/disabilities/dietary requirements that you supply us or is supplied to us, including any information about other persons on your booking (“your information”). Your information is collected when you request information from us, contact us (and vice versa) or make a booking. You are responsible for ensuring that other members of your party are aware of the content of our Privacy Policy and consent to your acting on their behalf in all your dealings with us. We will update your information whenever we can to keep it current, accurate and complete. For the purpose of providing you with our services, including your holiday or insurance, etc., we may disclose your information outside the UK/EEA. In order for you to travel abroad, it may be mandatory (as required by government authorities at the point(s) of departure and/or destination) to disclose and process your information for immigration, border control and security.

We may collect and use your information for the purposes set out in our registration with the Office of the Information Commissioner, and disclose the same to our group companies, companies who act as “data processors” on our behalf, or to our service providers operating systems or business functions on our behalf, some of whom are outside the UK/EEA. These business purposes include administration, providing services (and contacting you where necessary), customer care, service quality, business management and operation, re-organisation/structuring/sale of our business (or our group companies), risk assessment, security, fraud and crime prevention/detection, research and analysis, marketing, monitoring, measuring and assessing customer purchasing preferences and trends, dispute resolution, credit checking and debt collection. Information (such as health or religion) may be considered “sensitive personal data” under the Data Protection Act 1998. We collect it to cater to your needs or act in your interest, and we are only prepared to accept sensitive personal data from you on the condition that we have your positive consent. By booking with us you also agree for your insurers, their agents and medical staff to disclose relevant information and sensitive personal data to us in circumstances where we need to act on your behalf or in the interest of everyone in the group you are travelling with, or in an emergency.

If you do not agree to our use of your information as above, we cannot do business with you or accept your booking.

We may from time to time contact you with information on offers of goods and services, brochures, new products, forthcoming events or competitions from our holiday divisions and our holiday group companies. Our websites will assume you agree to e-communications when you make a booking.

On completing our Data Subject Access Request form, you are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you (for a £10 fee) and to correct any inaccuracies. You have the right to ask not to receive direct marketing material from us. You can call or email us, or unsubscribe via our email. For a list of our group companies or brands, please send us your request.

If our contact and dealing with you is via our website(s), we may use “cookies”. Cookies allow us to identify your computer but not you personally.

To ensure that we carry out your instructions accurately, improve our service and for security, we may monitor and/or record: (1) telephone calls; (2) transactions and activities on our website. All recordings are and shall remain our sole property.

We have taken all reasonable steps to have in place appropriate security measures to protect your information. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on our website.

Any image of you secured or that were taken on our holidays maybe used by the company without charge in all media for bona fide marketing purposes.

Leader/Guide Authority & Behaviour.

On an active group holiday it is necessary that you abide by the authority of the Team Leader/Guide, who represents the company. If you commit any illegal act when on the holiday or if in the reasonable opinion of the leader your behaviour is disruptive, threatening or abusive or is causing or likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others or damage to property we may terminate your travel arrangements without any liability on our part. If the Captain of your flight or our overseas staff believes that you could be disruptive, they can also refuse to let you proceed with your travel arrangements. If this means you are not allowed to board the flight outbound from the UK, we will treat your booking as cancelled by you and you will have to pay full cancellation charges. If this occurs overseas then you will become responsible for your own return home and any other members of your group who cannot or will not travel without you. In any of these circumstances no refunds or compensation will be paid to you and we may make a claim against you for any costs and expenses incurred as a result of your behaviour e.g. the cost of diverting an aircraft or ferry to remove you. Criminal proceedings may also be instigated. If you are affected by any condition, medical or otherwise, that might affect your or other people’s enjoyment of the holiday; you must advise us of this at the time of booking. One major thing we request is promptness to our time schedule for walk departures and we will have to leave without you if you do not meet us on time at the specified place.

You are responsible for the cost of any damage caused to your accommodation or its contents during your stay, except damage caused by persons not known to you. These charges must be met by you and may have to be paid locally.

Participation & Requirements

All clients are expected to be fit and able to complete the itinerary of their holiday. No unaccompanied minors (under 18 yrs) can be accepted. Anyone suffering from mobility impairment, illness or disability or undergoing treatment for any physical or medical condition must declare the true nature of such condition at the time of booking and make arrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment which may be required during the holiday. Failure to make such disclosure will constitute a breach of these booking conditions and result in such persons being excluded from the holiday in which case all monies paid will be forfeit.

Law & Jurisdiction

If you booked your holiday in any jurisdiction other than in Scotland or Northern Ireland (including any booking via the Internet), this contract, and any other claim or dispute arising from or related to this contract, will be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of it. If you booked your holiday in Scotland, this contract, and any claim or dispute arising from or related to this contract, will be governed by Scottish law and the courts of Scotland shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of it. If you booked your holiday in Northern Ireland, this contract, and any claim or dispute arising from or related to this contract, will be governed by Northern Irish law and the courts of Northern Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of it.


Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions and if you have any questions email: information@theatlas-discovery.com