Today I wanted to share with you a great book I am currently reading called “The Five Secrets you must Discover before you Die” by John Izzo Ph.D.  I spotted it at the local library and seeing as I am 50 on Monday; (now 52!) and my family have a history of living into their late nineties I consider myself at half way house. (Never guaranteed).  This is therefore a great chance to reflect on the past, consider my present and then look at the future.

The first secret I read is about being true to yourself.  With The Atlas Discovery it was something that gradually crept inside me and the vision is becoming every day more a reality. From the day I climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco I knew my life was going to change.

I cannot believe the life transformation that took place just by being open to the forces of nature and what was opening up inside me. Something just said “Follow your heart”. That thought wouldn’t go away.

John Izzo in the book talks to numerous people whom he and his interview panel, recognised as wise and experienced, from all ages, cultures, religions, countries, education backgrounds, careers etc and it is fascinating how they seemed to find their right journey. Some through a near death experience or just following their heart.  It amazed me how many of them were working for years in a chosen career only to one day recognise they were doing something they felt their family had ‘encouraged them to do’ or they felt they should do and all of a sudden go off on a completely different tangent.

Within this chapter one wise person said you know you are being true to yourself at the end of the day when you have a ‘good tired’ feeling. You will feel happiness knowing you have done what you should be doing, contentment you made the most of the day and peace knowing it was what you really wanted to do.

So that is my pledge to make each day of my life a ‘good tired’ day. I am following my heart with Atlas and thanks to those of you who are joining our tours. I trust you will have a ‘great tired’ day at the end of each one you are with us but more importantly go back and continue to have this fabulous contented feeling and sleep well.

So join with me as I follow my heart and build this holiday company to unite you with like minded walkers for fun, friendship and who knows.  


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