Hi, here at The Atlas Discovery Holiday we recognise you will have lots of questions about your tour and we are happy to help. We have listed the top ten questions  asked, but if what you want to know is not listed please visit our contact us page.

1.    Safety and Security
Regarding your  money and goods always keep it close to you and we suggest the use of hotel safes. Wherever you visit it is not just the locals but also others around you. Lock up your cases and keep your bags close. Just be careful as you would at home. Be diligent when using your mobile phone and cameras. Sadly there are pick pockets in some busy cities so please keep any money you have with you close. Please don't put it in back packs where it can be easily reached. I use a bum bag. 

2.     Visa? Passport Requirements.
Currently you do not require a visa on any of our tours.
When entering the country, make sure your passport is stamped. If you join a tour please bring your EU blue medical card.

Passport validity. Your passport should be valid for six months from the onset of your holiday.

3.     Will I feel comfortable as a first time or solo traveller?
Yes Atlas Holidays are perfect for you as I encourage a community environment prior to and throughout the tour.  We dine out together if not in the hotel and natural friendships are formed. 

4.    What happens if I have an accident or get sick?
We also take confidential medical and contact details of next of kin on your booking form when you book. The guides are trained and experienced. Plus I have local emergency numbers. Medical treatment is currently free in EU countries but it is vital you have sufficient insurance for your tour.

5.    Travel Insurance – What cover do I need?
Always check you have sufficient travel insurance and call your agency if in doubt. The insurance will vary dependent upon your choice of tour. We will ask for your insurance details upon your time of booking and have your details to hand. Not sure if you are covered then I can send you more details. I have business insurance but you need insurance and it is vital to stick to guided paths and routes the guides provide to ensure validity of insurance.

6.    What if I Get Lost?
We are with you throughout the tour and all our Guides know every single path, trek and alleyway. However if you wish to go somewhere alone please tell me so I an offer advice or ask the guide. It is important to have my contact details with you throughout the tour and I always suggest you take a hotel busines card as it is great to show it to a taxi driver. Please don't always rely on GPS signal abroad. Please don't follow anyone down a dark alley or into a shop- act as you would in the UK and stay in well lit open areas where there are lots of tourists.

 7.    I just want to relax – do I have to do everything?
This depends on your holiday agenda as some walks go from village to village reaching a destination so there the answer is yes, unless you want a day off and you can take a taxi to the next hotel. If you are unable to walk further, for example on the Camino, due to tiredness we are able to assist with travel to the next destination. (Both at your own cost)

Some tours, however offer an agenda and you can do as many or few walks as you like. A free day is always offered too. We have tried to offer a variety of tours and activities based on what our clients usually want and love, but if we do not offer something you were hoping to do let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate or find someone locally who offers this activity. It is your responsibility if you do an activity not on the agenda to check the Company's insurance and ensure your travel insurance is suffiient. Thank you

8    I have a medical condition/disability can I come on your tour?
It is essential you let me know on the booking form and I may ask you to speak to your GP to ensure the tour is suited or you may need a fit to fly consent. Also for vaccinations or any other health concerns speak to your GP.

9.  Does my age matter?
Strange this is a regularly asked question and does age matter in life anyway? A fifty year old can be super fit or have not done exercise for a long time. The same applies to a twenty year old. If you wish to do a particular tour and have any questions related to this just email me at dianecarter@theatlas-discovery.com 

10. Cancellation

The deposit is non refundable. An email receipt for your records is provided at time of deposit and full balance 

More questions? Please email myself on dianecarter@theatlas-discovery.com orvisit our contact us page.

Many thanks Diane always here and happy to help


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