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Why Choose The Atlas Discovery Company ltd
Why Choose The Atlas Discovery Ltd

Dianne CarterHi and I am Diane Carter, Tour Organiser and Director of The Atlas Discovery Company ltd. I would love to share the story behind my business and why I believe an Atlas tour could be the perfect holiday for you. Whether you are looking for friendship, fun, adventure or who knows! So why choose the Atlas Discovery Company Ltd?

My only son, Scott, went to University several years ago, leaving me with immense ‘empty nest syndrome’ and and an overwhelming gap in my life. I had my own marketing business, lots of friends and a great family but I felt something missing.

So what happened? I am not sure but one direction I took was to throw myself into a challenge and Mount Toubkal, Morocco, the highest mountain in North Africa, just seemed to be set in my mind. It’s amazing what fresh air, space and great scenery can do to help clear your thoughts and make choices. Plus as I climbed this beautiful mountain I fell in love with both the vastness and wonder of nature and its beauty.

Plus on the trek I met the most wonderful like minded people and got the vision that I would really would love to offer this experience to others. Many tour operators provide great  walking tours, but way too high prices. My aim is to offer exciting walking holidays that are affordable but provide what I call ‘creature comforts’. I love a proper bed, hot shower and good food at the end of a day’s walking and know many of you do too..

I also have strong ethics and try to use local guides for our walking tours who offer a true taste of the places we visit. I want to ensure everyone involved in our tours are paid fairly and love the job they do.

I set out to do lots of ‘recces’ last year with some of my walking club friends over the last few years and many of them have been introduced into the 2019 agenda. Lots of the tours are now truly tried and tested and I’m proud to be offering them in 2020 under the knowledge that the walking is great, the scenery is awesome and we have fabulous guides.

It would be my great pleasure to meet you on one of our tours as I love to bring people together from all over and help them have a fabulous holiday experience. Never be alone on an Atlas tour but we offer you space, if you want to be.

I hope to meet you soon. Diane